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            文章来源:范盆堰老鸭汤发布时间:2020-07-20 13:49:36


              Nutritional value of duck soup


              1. Prevention of beriberi and various kinds of inflammation: due to the rich vitamin and other substances in Laoya decoction, it can prevent beriberi and various kinds of inflammation, and also has the anti-aging effect;


              2. It can effectively prevent myocardial infarction and other diseases: due to the rich niacin in Laoya decoction, these two substances are very important to human body and have a good effect on preventing myocardial infarction;


              Duck soup is as old as fish


              1. Choose the duck with good quality: we said it's better not to choose duck meat, which is greasy and not suitable for making soup, or fried or braised;


              2. Pay attention to the cleaning of ducks: generally, when cleaning soup ducks, the main needs are clean abdominal blood clots and fascia. At the same time, the roots of the wings and legs of ducks that need to be cleaned are the basic elements to ensure that they are not suspicious.


              3, before stewing, you need to use seasoning to pickle in advance. When you are ready to cook, remember to use cold water pot and boil the fire until you see a duck blood bubble overflow, so that you can float on the surface of the foam layer and clean the blood many times until the soup is relatively clear.


              4. Remember to put ginger in: remember to put ginger in the blood bubble, everyone knows that ginger has a good effect on removing blood, so it just can neutralize the duck's benign 5;


              5. Remember to use Shaojiu instead of Sanhua liquor. Because Shaojiu can not only remove the smell of smell, but also enhance the fragrance.


              Function and effect of old duck soup


              1. The function of nourishing the stomach and the energetic body and cleaning up the air and hot work: because the duck soup of the old duck is mostly aquatic, the duck meat tastes sweet and cold, which has a good nourishing effect on the human body and reduces the air work. Some weak people can also eat duck soup.


              2. It has the function of nourishing the five internal organs: because the old duck soup uses the meat of the hen, the meat of the male duck and some drugs at the same time, so these foods together have a good nourishing effect;


              3. It can soften blood vessels and reduce blood pressure: duck soup and kelp together can soften blood vessels, reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disease;


              4. It can alleviate the effect of bronchitis and diabetes: the research shows that duck meat and bamboo shoot can treat senile tuberculosis well, and also can alleviate the effect of bronchitis well;

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